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  • CCBRALUX – Green Rio Seminar on Bioeconomy and Biostartups

    On Thursday, November 28th, 2019, we at C.C.BRALUX (Chambre de Commerce du Brésil au Luxembourg) hosted an expressive seminar on BioEconomy, Bio Startups and Financing Structures for Green Projects, in […]

  • Lançamento da Câmara de Comércio do Brasil em Luxemburgo – Paraná

    É com enorme orgulho que lançamos no dia 15 de Julho de 2019, no Espaço Cultural (BRDE) – Palacete dos Leões, a C.C.BRALUX – PR (Câmara de Comércio do Brasil […]

  • Founding Members

    André Bezerril Born in New York and raised in Brazil until the age of 12 when moved to Luxembourg. Studied at ISL, majored in International Business with minor in Political […]

  • Export Capital Goods to Brazil

    The Special Secretariat of Foreign Trade and International Affairs of the Brazilian Ministry of Economy announced in August 2019 the reduction of the rates of Import Tax on capital goods, […]

  • B.E.L – Brasileiras Empreendedoras em Luxemburgo

    21/06/19 – Lançamento do grupo Brasileiras Empreendedoras em Luxemburgo (B.E.L.) pela Câmara de Comércio do Brasil em Luxemburgo (CCBRALUX). Neste primeiro encontro entre profissionais brasileiras, as coaches Carla Cunha e Karla […]

  • Charlotte Schaus

    08/03/2019 Co-founder of the Social Gastronomy Movement and current project coordinator. Originally from Luxembourg, she has lived and worked in 8 countries, is learning her 7th language and is passionate […]

  • Wort – Contacto

    A câmara de comércio do Brasil no Luxemburgo (CCBRALUX) foi criada no passado mês de fevereiro com dois objetivos em mente: apoiar a integração da comunidade no Grão-Ducado e dinamizar […]

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  • 20/04/2016 – Contacto – 20/04/16

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