Founding Members

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André Bezerril

Born in New York and raised in Brazil until the age of 12 when moved to Luxembourg. Studied at ISL, majored in International Business with minor in Political Science at Richmond University in London and holds an MBA degree from Hult Business School (London, England). Working in the Finance Industry in Luxembourg since 2007, he was appointed as the Brazil Consul A.h. to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in April 2016.



Flávia Bley

Worked as a teacher at a university in Curitiba – Brazil until she decided to open her own importing and retail online business. When the opportunity to come to Luxembourg showed up, she did not hesitate and sold her company to pursue a PhD in multilingual education at While studying, she also works as an independent translator and consultant in Luxembourg and is a founding member of two Luxembourgish ASBLs (one that is pro-business and the other a pro-education), and she finds herself in between both areas constantly.



Cândida Nedog

One of the most sought after Administrative Consultants in Luxembourg with outstanding emphatic skills and an incredible ability to adapt to pretty much anything. Born in Brazil, she has been living abroad for the last 20 years, of which 14 in Luxembourg and is obsessed with providing outstanding customer service.


Amanda Campagnani

Originally from Campo Grande – Brazil, she worked for the National Committee for Social Defense in Luxembourg. Presently, volunteers at the Wiltz Intercultural Center and, as the wife of the Honorary Consul André Bezerril, she also assists, as a volunteer, the Brussels team at the Itinerant Consulate in Luxembourg.

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